Engraving works on the subject of ancient creatures

Copperplate   drawing


My work is "copper plate drawing" that is shaped by tapping repeatedly a copper plate with a hammer. I often deal with the theme of ancient creatures in order to challenge hard metals. I do not take the method of softening the metal with firepower such as a burner, Such long work is a difficult skill for women, but I want to face the art straight.

Chaser: Jimmy Sato

Ancient fish skeleton display

Dinosaur, Ammonite & Fossil

Many people feel romance in the ancient times of the earth.In order to represent “too long time”, there are people who draw, engrave, create figures with various materials, and some of them make great dinosaurs with white paper.Artists are always imagining in their own space.I want to stare at the origin of creatures and the beauty of evolution in the 0.8 mm copper plate relief that carved the life trapped in ancient creature stones and the figure remaining as a skeleton.It is an attractive motif.

National Art Center

Exhibition information

Every year at the end of May at the National Art Center at Roppongi-Tokyo, the open call exhibition of Daiichi Art Association which I belong to is held and I participate.In addition, my works are exhibited at the Shonan Branch's New Spring Exhibition, Autumn Branch Exhibition, and small item exhibitions.

2024   Daiichi Art Exhibition
Period: May 29(Wed) - Jun 10(Mon), 2024

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My works & My teacher Jimmy Nishimura

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2023   Daiichi Art Exhibition

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Yokohama City Yamate area

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Website of Mr.Yukio Yanagihara.
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Transparent watercolor.

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Website of black cat MOMO.
paper cutout art.
It's a sharp and cool picture.

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